Ban Sen Juku
BAN SEN JUKU is an international school for traditional Japanese martial culture with training facilities (DOJOS) in Belgium, France, Japan, Reunion Island, Spain, Tahiti, United Kingdom. In our school, we practise AIKIDO to seek the essence of all the traditional martial arts through AIKI, TAIJUTSU, ATEMI, TANTO, IAI, KEN, JO, etc. Teaching is in the traditional style, directly from the master. Beginners and black belts practise together, with and without weapons.

Practising with the sword (AIKI IAI, the art of drawing the sword instantaneously so as to win with the first movement) is especially important, as the sword is a symbolic weapon, the key to understanding AIKIDO.
AIKI IAI is unique to the Ban Sen Juku.

The school also organises special courses, ranging from classes for children right up to courses in GOSHIN or self-defence adapted to modern life, but seen from the perspective of eastern wisdom.

To provide an introduction to the background of traditional Japanese culture, and its roots in Eastern thought, the school has an extensive library of books and videos covering such topics as KI and KOBUDO (old traditional style martial arts). It organises occasional lectures and courses in zazen, misogi (purification), KI training, KI shiatsu massage, calligraphy, Japanese cooking, etc. These usually take place at weekends and are open to all. On request other activities can be organised.
Aikido by Tomita Sensei (Trailer)
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The latest news items and updates
17 Jun 2019 - The first seminar of September has been added to the planning.
12 May 2019 - Our website is now also available in Spanish.
23 Apr 2019 - Dutch and French flyers for the Children's Day 2019 are online.
10 Mar 2019 - The poster and the registration form for the 2019 Spring seminar are online.
18 Jan 2019 - The poster for the 2019 Gent seminar is online.
01 Jan 2019 - Ban Sen Juku wishes you a very Happy New Year, full of peace, goodwill and Aikido!
29 Dec 2018 - Photos of the 2018 Bucharest Seminar have been added to the gallery.
28 Dec 2018 - A link to our brand new YouTube channel has been added. Please subscribe to it!
27 Dec 2018 - Photos of the 2018 Zaragoza Seminar have been added to the gallery.
25 Dec 2018 - Photos of the 2018 Summer Seminar have been added to the gallery.
02 Dec 2018 - Eleven 2019 seminar posters have been added to the planning.
22 Nov 2018 - A preview of the Ban Sen Juku 2019 calendar and greeting card can be seen here.
30 Oct 2018 - Several changes have been made in the 2018 planning.
19 Oct 2018 - The posters of all 2018 seminars are now online.
05 Oct 2018 - A Calligraphy course (03 Nov) and a Zazen session (24 Nov) have been added on the 2018 planning.
16 Sep 2018 - The 2018 Zaragoza Seminar poster is online.
03 Sep 2018 - Chapter 2 of Ban Sen Juku's video has been added here.
02 Sep 2018 - The 2018-19 seminar planning and 2018 posters are online.
29 Aug 2018 - Photos of Ban Sen Juku 30th Anniversary have been added to the gallery.
25 Aug 2018 - Photos of the 2018 Gent Seminar have been added to the gallery.
21 Aug 2018 - Photos of the 2018 Spring Seminar have been added to the gallery.
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